About us

Geographical coverage:

We pursue our activities as exclusive water utility supplier in the area of 123 local governments in the Northern part of Pest county, and in the Western part of Komárom-Esztergom and Nógrád counties. Our activities in these areas: drinking water supply, and waste water disposal and treatment.

Milestones in the history of the Company:

The existence of the company dates back to 21st October 1928, when the water utility of the city Vác has been put into operation. That service provider was operating as municipal water utility until 1962, under different names. After that, it carried out regional tasks in the Danube Bend, and it was transferred under sector management in 1971. By reorganizing the predecessor state enterprise, the public limited company has been created on 1st April 1993.

Our company strategy has been established as follows:

Mission: Sustainable operation of water utilities as a regional integration centre, with special regard to the interests of the company’s owners and supplied consumers, and to the protection of the environment.

Future: Cost-effective, environmental water utility service at a high level, together with continuous improvements for sustainability and expandability.

Values of the Company:

  • Integration ability
  • Financial stability
  • Reliable service
  • 86 years of experience